We appreciate payment to be made on the day of treatment.
We accept cash, direct debit and EFTPOS.

Free initial phone consultation

Every new client will be given a free consultation over the phone before the first treatment can take place. Not only will we be recording your and your dog’s details but we will also discuss your dog’s health and possible concerns, contraindications, explain myofunctional therapy and what to consider before and after the treatment. We will give you an idea of a possible treatment plan and the associated costs.

Session duration           

The time you spend for the appointment is guided by your dog and may sometimes be shorter and other times longer depending on what is best for your dog on that day. We want to get to know the dog, settle them in, have a chat to the owner, perform a gait analysis and conduct the massage treatment in a calm and un-rushed manner. Your dog will not be massaged for a certain period of time but rather for as long as is beneficial to them. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the initial consultation and approx. 60 minutes for regular treatments. 

Home Visits

For home visits between Childers, Burrum Heads, Hervey Bay and Maryborough the same pricing and time frames apply. For home visits in other areas please contact us. We’re happy to travel as far as Bundaberg and Gympie but need to negotiate a price to cover fuel costs. Maybe a few neighbours / friends/ farm / working dogs can be treated on the same day which will reduce travel costs and give you a discount. Just ask

Fair is not Equal

We endeavour to provide each dog with the best care. We call this “being fair” and set this above “being equal”. Not every dog may get massaged for the same time or spend an equal amount of time for their appointment. Some dogs do well and enjoy lying down for longer while others get more out of a massage when they can do this in short bursts. This also depends on size, age and health condition of the dog. Rather than giving each client an equal amount of our treatment time, we would like to stand out by giving them what is fairest to their dog.

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