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Set your Pet up for Great Health, Happiness and Longevity 

naturally and drug-free

Do you wish your dog or cat could live forever?

We all do, but while we may not be able to fulfil that wish we can certainly help you maintain their quality of life for a lot longer.


We see many dogs and cats that have been suffering from mobility issues or diseases for a long time. The complementary therapies we provide are widely used alongside conventional medicines and treatment these days, and proving to be a valuable part of our pets' total wellbeing.

Our therapies can successfully be used on their own, but we always encourage pet parents to consider a combination of them as we know how beneficial and supportive of each other these therapies are in improving your pet's health and helping them live life to the fullest.

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Canine Myofunctional Therapy 


CMT is a non-invasive massage treatment ideal for pain relief and improvement of mobility - often with immediate results!


It can help your dog recover from injuries, be used for rehabilitation post-surgery, and is also widely used to help prevent mobility issues e.g. lameness, limping, stiffness.


Dogs love our gentle hands-on approach as they feel instant comfort and improvement to ailments such as (osteo)arthritis, cruciate ligament damage, elbow / hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and neural / spinal problems. 

Massage heals the whole body as it promotes an increase in cardiovascular health, improves the musculo-skeletal system, detoxes the immune system, balances the nervous as well as hormonal system and brings relaxation and relief to the body and mind. This can also help ease anxiety and high-energy issues in some dogs. 

Exercise Physiology

Dogs instantly feel better when we use targeted physical exercises to improve their mobility and set them up for a better quality of life. 

That's why we combine our massage treatments with bodywork and physical activities to regain muscle strength, balance and coordination and increase body awareness.

Treatments are tailored to each patient's individual needs and we also use supportive therapies such as kinesiology taping, craniosacral therapy, a pulsed electro-magnetic field mat and infrared light therapy.


This is extremely helpful during rehabilitation and also as an ongoing program to keep young and old dogs healthy and mobile ... and we see great results.

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Clinical Nutrition

You don't just want your pet to be fed and full ... it's important for them to maintain health and thrive.

Clinical Nutrition is an invaluable therapy that supports the animal's body and can also help them heal from diseases by eating a species-appropriate diet.

With our expertise in Nutrition for Carnivores (cats and dogs) we create a customised Nutrition Plan that can prevent or address existing conditions such as obesity, allergies, skin / ear problems, pancreatic / gastrointestinal / liver diseases, diabetes, IBS, anal gland issues, skeletal or dental problems. We also offer ketogenic diet plans for our cancer and epileptic patients. 

Dogs and cats who enjoy our nutrition plans look and feel healthier with shiny coats, absence of allergies and disease, more balanced behaviour and overall a much better quality of life.

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