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Free initial phone consultation

Every new client will be given a free consultation over the phone before the first home visit can take place.

Not only will we be recording your and your dog’s details but we will also discuss your dog’s health and possible concerns, contraindications and explain what our myofunctional and / or nutrition consultations look like.

We will give you an idea of a possible treatment plan and the associated costs.

Cat and Dog

Home Visits ~ Canine Myofunctional Therapy
and Exercise Physiology

We treat our canine patients in their own home so they feel safe and comfortable. This is important for the treatment to be successful as we want them to be calm and relaxed. House calls also give us a chance to assess your dog's home environment which forms an important part of our initial consultation. We welcome owners to stay with their pets while the treatment is taking place - in fact most owners become part of the treatment when we show them what they can do to help their dogs. We will bring all necessary equipment for the massage, exercises and complementary therapies. 

Home Visits ~ Canine or Feline Nutrition

Our nutrition consultations are also conducted in your home to assess your pet's condition in a stress-free environment. Home visits allow us to assist you "hands-on" in food preparation and give advice on storage and handling of food items. After the initial consultation we will send you a detailed nutrition plan individualised to your dog's or cat's health condition, weight etc. with expected outcomes plus a list of food suppliers and recipes. Follow-up consultations can be held at your home or via phone / skype.  

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How long are the sessions?

We want to get to know your dog or cat, give them a chance to get comfortable with a "stranger" in their house and have a chat to the owner, therefore please allow 60 minutes for the initial nutrition consultation / up to 120 minutes for the first massage treatment.

Follow-up nutrition consultations and regular massage appointments will take around 45-60 minutes.

Massage sessions combined with exercise physiology take around 120 minutes and include material sent to you via email / YouTube. 

Online workshop

Our popular Canine Seniors ”Body & Brain in Balance” 4-week online course
offers the most beneficial combination of mental and physical stimulation for elderly (as well as younger) dogs. It fosters two important factors for wellness, rehabilitation and slowing down your dog’s aging: physical activities as well as brainwork delivered in a sensible, healthy approach. 

Join us now for 4 weeks of new fun activities that will make your dog blossom and feel younger. Activities are presented with texts and videos so they can be done at your pace from home.

Image by Marvin Meyer


Will Massage hurt my dog?

No. We use different techniques that can be altered depending on the dog’s acceptance. During the treatment the dog is free to move away and show us what they like or dislike. Most dogs experience an instant feeling of relief and settle. For some dogs it may take a couple of sessions to get used to intentional touch.

What if my cat or dog doesn't like their new diet?

We provide each nutrition plan with notes for transition and give you a comprehensive report on how to set your pet up for their new species-appropriate diet. We work with your dog's / cat's preferences and are able to make changes to find just what they like to ensure they will love their new diet. 

How often should my dog have a massage treatment?

This depends on the circumstances, age, health issues and your dog’s treatment plan. We recommend that you see us weekly or fortnightly for the first few treatments. Most dogs can go on a monthly schedule after their initial healing phase.

Benefits of Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Reduces pain, compensation and dysfunction

Your dog will be able to increase their stride length, range of motion and improve overall joint movement as the musculature will strengthen and positive proprioception (resetting the muscle memory pattern) will be initiated. This allows for a natural gait and will help prevent musculo-skeletal injuries from happening.

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