From August 9, 2021 | Online in a Facebook Group

Canine Seniors: Body & Brain in Balance

The 6-week online program full of fun brain and mobility activities
Canine Seniors: Body & Brain in Balance

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From August 9, 2021
Online in a Facebook Group

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Do you have an elderly dog who cannot move like they used to?

Does your senior buddy find certain things more challenging as they are growing older?

Do they get bored?

Then it is time for you to find simple ways how you can engage your dog, enrich their life mentally and keep their mobility healthy at the same time!

We will show you how your senior dog can have lots of fun again! By combining short & easy mental and physical activities, you will learn how your dog can get a whole new lease of life. When their brain and body work in balance, they get fitter, happier and live longer. All that from the comfort of your home and yard!

· 6-week program in a private Facebook group, after payment you get access to the group for 3 months (the group will open on August 9). You can do the program at your own pace.

· Course material is collected in guides per week to read and work through in your own time.

· Texts and step-by-step videos to explain and explore a brainwork puzzle and a physical exercise per week.

· Puzzles and body exercises will be open-ended and are demonstrated with variations so you can adjust each one to your dog’s ability.

· Extra information around the topic “Senior Dog”.

· Bonuses: extra puzzle practice, several massage techniques, FreeWork

· No special equipment needed – we will use what you have around the house, yard, on walks.

· All exercises are low-key, easy to follow, do-able for dogs of all sizes, shapes, age and abilities. We will customise to each individual dog. These exercises look easy but are extremely helpful in increasing body awareness plus they strengthen bones, muscles, joints in a gentle way and will give your dog a much better quality of life and act as injury prevention and arthritis management (a bit like Pilates or Yoga)

· The puzzles are different levels and you learn to tailor them to your dog. The most important part is that your dog enjoys their puzzle sessions and you learn to observe and tailor puzzles to their preferences.

· You will practise at home and can post comments, questions and videos of your efforts in the Facebook group. We will support you with extensive feedback comments on your progress.

Christina and Tessa are extremely qualified and competent mentors who are experienced in running online workshops and are now combining their knowledge and skills for you to benefit from the course.

Their own experience as doggy mums as well as working with lots of senior clients has shown them how valuable simple activities are to keep our elderly dogs healthier and happier for longer by just doing a couple of simple tasks with them every day. It is so much fun and seeing our golden oldies blossom will open a whole new lifestyle for you and your dog.

· Tessa will be teaching the brainwork part. She is a certified advanced tutor in Hersenwerk for Dogs and has certificates in ACE Free Work, Scent work enrichment, Canine First Aid, Senior Dog Care, CCD.

· Christina will guide you through the body exercises. She is a canine myofunctional therapist and exercise physiologist as well as a nutritionist for dogs and has certificates in dog psychology & behaviour, Kinesiology Taping, Craniosacral Therapy

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