Christina Schaumann

(Diploma in Canine Myofunctional Therapy)

We all know that sharing our lives with dogs brings so many different responsibilities with it. Sometimes things go a little wrong and our dog may suffer from an injury, feel anxious, move less, show a limp, decrease in energy or may just be getting old and we feel we want to provide them with something that really helps them along without being invasive or expensive.
That’s why I have chosen to study and practise Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT). With my own dogs I have been through torn cruciate ligaments, sports activities, nervousness, rescue situations and have always wanted to treat them as naturally as possible and offer them preventative care whenever I could.
People spend money on vitamins and supplements to treat or try to prevent health issues when really the dog’s body is a self-healing super machine and Canine Massage can stimulate and promote the healing in this.
I invite you to the amazing journey to witness how CMT can help your dog’s body as well as mind.

Diploma in Canine Myofunctional Therapy through the National College of Traditional Medicine

Certificates in Dog Care, Dog Psychology and Behaviour

Certificate in Canine First Aid

Diploma in Canine Myofunctional Therapy through the National College of Traditional Medicine

Certificates in Dog Care, Dog Psychology and Behaviour

Certificate in Canine First Aid

Certificate of Excellence in Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Member of the Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association (SAENA)

Fully Insured

Certificate in Canine Kinesiology Taping

Certificate in Canine Craniosacral Therapy

Studying Diploma of Nutrition for Companion Pets through NCTM

"Christina has an incredible ability to connect with your dog and knows exactly what they need. Her kind and humane approach to getting to know your dog has made all the difference to our consult as my dog Sadie is timid when she is in a new environment. I have also seen a noticeable difference in her movement and confidence as she doesn't seem to be as sore. Thank you Christina from Sadie and I".

Jane Gorton, Bundaberg

"Upon arrival my dog was relaxed as he smelt his way around the outdoor garden and introduced himself to lovely Christina. I loved that it was unhurried and when he was ready, we went inside.
Christina has an amazing aura with dogs; my dog normally isn’t as obedient and watching him enjoy her touch, lying down when asked and really being in the moment of bliss…… made me so happy!!"

Rochelle Anderson, Hervey Bay

"After Gemma tore both her cruciate ligaments a few years ago her movement was of course limited and she put on weight. With regular massages she now has her full mobility back and is a bouncy 11 year old. Best thing is that she is no longer in pain and enjoys playtime and walks again."

Allan Hogben, Toogoom

12-year-old "Wizzard" improved so much after his first session of canine massage. He limped less and  walked much more confidently the day after. Since then he seems happier and has become more mobile. He enjoys the therapy and after a few more treatments he now gets up and down a lot easier. I'm impressed!

Anne Kerlin, Urangan

Christina is amazing! Our 13 year old Charmer has been a different dog since starting his treatment with Goodness for Paws. Pain and stiffness was keeping him uncomfortable on his walks, and unsettled at home. From the first treatment there was a marked change, and he keeps on improving. He's moving and walking with ease, is more energetic and a much happier boy. He just loves the massage - and is totally blissed out during and after each treatment. Christina is so caring, skilled and knowledgeable, and has a genuine connection with dogs. I can't recommend her services highly enough and look forward to her helping Charmer to continue to age well.

Melissa Davis, Urangan


In Clinic

We provide our clients with an air-conditioned therapy room located within the "Passionate Paws Veterinary Surgery". “Mum and Dad” can relax reading a magazine or one of our informative articles while their dogs get their massages right next to them on the available mats. This is a barrier free space which means there are no steps between the car park to the room. Please let us know if you require assistance getting your dog out of the car safely and we’ll provide a ramp for them. We're very lucky to have the lake behind the building and we invite your dogs to have a sniff and a romp to settle them in before the treatment begins. This helps them to relax in our environment and most dogs find it easier to do so away from home where they don’t need to be “on guard”. We ask that owners turn their phones to silent and remain quiet during the treatment.


Home Visits

Some dogs find it easier to relax in their familiar home environment or don’t travel well. It may be more suitable to owners not to travel or be at home while the treatment is taking place. We ask that you provide a stress free and calm space where the massage treatment can be conducted away from noise, children or other pets. Please turn your phone to silent. We will bring all necessary equipment for the massage and complimentary treatments such as pole exercises.


At Events

Sports Massage looks a bit different to remedial massage and is conducted at the event right before the dog needs a burst in energy and to warm up the muscles appropriately. These massages take only 5-10 minutes and are conducted with quick palpation moves to stimulate the nervous system. We travel to events to be right there when you need us. After the event we also conduct post-event treatment.
We can travel to events such as shows, obedience training, agility, flyball competitions etc. provided there will be a minimum of 6 dogs to be treated with a pre-event massage ($25 per dog). Please contact us to be able to explain the benefits that pre-event massages will have on your dog’s performance and to negotiate pricing, number of dogs, treatments available (pre- and post-event massages). Treatment may be subject to vet approval.


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