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Hands-on Therapies for recovery and prevention

We offer holistic therapy for dogs in the form of clinical massage and bodywork. With gentle hands, extensive knowledge and a vision to heal the “whole” dog we treat a variety of canine patients e.g dogs pre / post-surgery or those who are ill or injured. Seniors benefit greatly from massage therapy for better quality of life and longevity. Clinical massage is a non-invasive therapy which will support healing, lessen pain, restore mobility, increase metabolism and help prevent injuries.

Myofunctional Massage Therapy is ideal for dogs

  • with compensational issues (e.g. the occasional limp)

  • who suffer acute incidents e.g. cruciate ligament damage

  • with chronic impairment such as hip/ elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, (osteo)arthritis

  • to prepare for or recover from surgery

  • who are starting to show signs of wear and tear e.g. not wanting to use the stairs anymore, being hesitant jumping in and out of the car

  • simply slowing down and getting to their senior years

We tailor our treatments to each patient's needs and combine massage therapy with physical exercises for body awareness, balance, strengthening of muscles and coordination. We use supportive therapies such as kinesiology taping, craniosacral therapy, canine pharmacognosy, light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field mats. 

Home Visits

We treat our canine patients in their own home so they feel safe and are able to relax.  This is important for the treatment to be successful as we want them to be as calm as possible. House calls also give us the chance to assess your dog's home environment which forms an important part of our initial consultation. We welcome owners to stay with their pets while the treatment is taking place - in fact most owners become part of the treatment when we show them what they can do to help their dogs. We ask that you provide a stress free and calm space where the myofunctional treatment can be conducted away from noise, children or other pets. Please turn your phone to silent. We will bring all necessary equipment for the massage and complimentary treatments e.g. physio equipment, mats, PEMF mat, kinesiology tape etc. 

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