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Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Is your dog limping or stiff every now and then? Does your dog suffer from arthritis or damaged cruciate ligaments? Has your dog been diagnosed with elbow or hip dysplasia or other mobility issues? Is your dog slowing down, getting old or hesitating using stairs / jumping up the sofa? Is your dog recovering from surgery or illness? Is your dog anxious or can't ever settle?

Then you have come to the right place...

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We offer holistic therapy for dogs in the form of clinical massage and bodywork. With gentle hands, extensive knowledge and a vision to heal the “whole” dog we treat a variety of canine patients from growing puppies, active, sporting and working dogs, dogs post-surgery or those who are ill or injured (contraindications may apply) to the seniors amongst our best friends and all those that are generally healthy and want to stay that way. Clinical massage is a non-invasive therapy which is used to support healing and to help prevent injuries and can also be applied for issues with behaviour and anxieties. 

Our Services

Remedial Massage Therapy

For injury management, post surgery and dogs that show compensational issues

Sports- and Event Massage

For improvement in dogs' performance at and after an event

Vitality Massage Therapy

For improved mobility, physical and mental development and longevity

Exercise Physiology and Canine Bodywork

To increase joint mobility, balance, range of motion and to strengthen the muscles and improve proprioception

Lifestyle Consultation

We establish an individually tailored lifestyle plan for each dog to set them up for a safe and fun life being active and well

Canine Pharmacognosy

 Giving dogs the opportunity to self-select herbs and essential oils for healing


For new clients

Read about contraindications, what to expect, vet approvals, referrals and what to consider before and after the treatment


In Clinic

Our air-conditioned therapy room within Passionate Paws Veterinary Surgery offers a quiet and neutral space for dogs where they can feel safe and relax during their treatment

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Home Visits

Some dogs feel more comfortable in their own home or they don't travel well - we come to you

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At Events

Obedience, Agility, Breeders' Expo or Shows where multiple dogs need a quick massage treatment for better performance, warm up / down or to relax and focus better - we travel to the event

By Appointment

In clinic:

Mon - Fri  8am - 6pm

Sat 9am - 12pm

Home visits and events:

Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm

Benefits of Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Reduces pain, compensation and dysfunction

Your dog will be able to increase their stride length, range of motion and improve overall joint movement as the musculature will strengthen and positive proprioception (resetting the muscle memory pattern) will be initiated. This allows for a natural gait and will help prevent musculo-skeletal injuries from happening.

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3/145 Old Maryborough Road

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