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We restore health and mobility for your dog

Helping dogs across the Wide Bay to live healthier and pain-free through natural therapies 

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Myofunctional (Massage) Therapy

Injury management, Pain Relief, Rehabilitation and for dogs who feel their aging body

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Exercise Physiology

Improvement in joint mobility, balance, range of motion and to strengthen the muscles


Clinical Nutrition

Prevention and supportive treatment of conditions such as allergies, cancer, diabetes, internal imbalances etc. 


Holistic Therapies for Your Pets

We truly care for your dog or cat by evaluating all aspects of their health and wellbeing. To do so, we treat dogs with massage therapy and combine this with our expertise in canine exercise physiology.

With gentle hands, extensive knowledge and a vision to heal the “whole” dog we treat a variety of canine patients from growing puppies, active, sporting and working dogs, dogs post-surgery or those who are ill or injured, to the seniors amongst our best friends and all those that are generally healthy and want to stay that way. 

Clinical Nutrition is an invaluable tool to prevent health issues and can often help heal diseases that your dog or cat may be suffering from.

By combining physical bodywork and dietary considerations we offer the perfect package to improve health, contribute to longevity and help your pet to feel happy, show balanced behaviour and be the best they can be!

"Christina is amazing! Our 13 year old Charmer has been a different dog since starting his treatment with Goodness for Paws"
Melissa, Urangan

"Best thing is that she is no longer in pain and enjoys playtime and walks again." (Gemma, 11 years old)
Allan, Toogoom

"...offers lots of great advice and tips to help the process at home" (Cooper, 10 years old)
Megan, Eli Waters

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The course offers the most beneficial combination of mental and physical stimulation for elderly (as well as younger) dogs.

It fosters two important factors for wellbeing, rehabilitation and slowing down your dog’s aging: physical activities as well as brainwork delivered in a sensible, healthy approach. 

You will learn easy and gentle exercises that you can do with your dog at home, on walks and in your backyard to strengthen their muscles, improve balance and coordination, lessen pain, re-gain better mobility as well as a few different massage techniques. Plus, there will be lots of puzzle - brain activities.

Join us now for 4 weeks of new fun activities that will make your dog blossom and feel younger. Activities are presented with texts and videos so they can be done at your pace from home

We come to you!
Servicing the Wide Bay between Hervey Bay and Burrum Heads

(Sorry, we don't travel to Childers or Maryborough anymore)
By appointment
Monday - Friday

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